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About Us

At AASHA EDTECH OPC PVT. LTD. we specialize in guiding educational institutions through the process of securing school affiliations from globally recognized boards such as CBSE and IGCSE. With our expertise and dedication, we streamline the affiliation journey, ensuring schools meet the highest standards of academic excellence. Our comprehensive services encompass every aspect of the affiliation process, from initial consultations to final accreditation. We work closely with schools to understand their unique needs, providing tailored solutions that align with their vision and objectives worldwide.

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Some important facts

As of the latest data, our educational institution boasts a dynamic community, comprising dedicated educators committed to nurturing young minds. Supported by their expertise, students engage in diverse learning experiences across a range of courses offered. This vibrant ecosystem reflects our commitment to academic excellence and the holistic development of every learner.











SSC Coaching

Include: SSC (Tier 1+2+3) + Bank P.O + RRB + LIC + FCI + Police + Books

Price: Rs 19000/ $ 230

Delhi Police Coaching

Head Constable & Constable, New Batch for Written & Physical Training

Price: Rs 25000/ $ 300

Bank Coaching

Bank PO course in just 3 months, Books, Online Session + Recorded Video

Price: Rs 15000/ $ 180

Railway RRB Coaching

Best Railway Coaching, Offline/Online classes, Books, Video

Price: Rs 12000/ $ 150

Our Courses

Explore our comprehensive array of education courses tailored to meet the diverse needs of learners at every stage of their academic journey. From foundational subjects to advanced specialties, our curriculum encompasses a rich tapestry of disciplines including mathematics, sciences, humanities, languages, and the arts. Delivered by seasoned educators and enriched with innovative teaching methodologies, our courses empower students to unlock their full potential, foster critical thinking skills, and cultivate a lifelong love for learning. Join us on a transformative educational voyage where knowledge knows no bounds and every learner finds their path to success.

Learn the Practical way

Discover the Practical Way: Experience learning that transcends theory and dives deep into real-world application. Our approach emphasizes hands-on experiences, problem-solving, and practical exercises tailored to equip learners with tangible skills for success. Through immersive learning environments and interactive activities, we bridge the gap between theory and practice, empowering individuals to thrive in their chosen fields. Embrace the practical way and embark on a journey of discovery, innovation, and meaningful growth.

Make Your Courses Standout

Elevate Your Courses to Stand Out: Harness the power of innovation, engagement, and expertise to create courses that captivate and inspire learners. Our approach integrates cutting-edge content, interactive experiences, and personalized learning pathways to ensure your courses stand out in a crowded educational landscape. With a focus on quality, relevance, and impact, we empower educators to craft transformative learning experiences that resonate with students and drive meaningful outcomes. Make your courses standout and unleash the full potential of education.

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